About Stacey

Stacey is a professional singing teacher and vocal coach based in Ingleton, close to the North Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cumbrian borders.

Stacey holds the Estill Figure Proficiency Certificate, the prerequisite for the Estill Master Teacher Certification process, which she was awarded in May 2018.

To achieve the Estill Figure Proficiency Certificate Stacey had to demonstrate her ability to perform 19 different ‘figures’ of voice control. Each of the 19 figures are achieved by isolating muscles which, when applied, will create a clearly defined pre-determined sound. Following the figures of voice control is the demonstration of the six voice qualities, or styles; Speech, Falsetto, Sob, Twang, Opera and Belting. Each of the six voice qualities are successfully produced by blending a selected number of the 19 figures of voice control.
Prior to the Estill Figure Examination Stacey attended the Estill Level One and Two courses hosted by Charlotte Xerri.
Committed to her own continuous professional development, Stacey will embark on the next phase of her Estill studies next year.

Through regular training with Stacey you will develop confidence and understanding in your vocal ability, enabling you to reach your true vocal potential and personal ambitions. Your performance skills will become more reliable and consistent as your vocal knowledge, vocal health and vocal technique increasingly improves lesson by lesson. Most importantly, lessons with Stacey are fun, friendly and relaxed.

Stacey continuously works on her own vocals under the guidance of Estill Master Teacher, Andy Follin. One of only 2 Estill Master Teachers in the North West, Andy is regarded as one of the countries most respected vocal coaches.